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What is OOTPJ?
OOTPJ is a third-party add-on system for the Out of the Park Baseball simulation game. OOTPJ is still under development, when complete it will consist of 4 main components. The 4 components are called OOTPJ/DB, OOTPJ/API, OOTPJ/CLIENT, and OOTPJ/WEB. These are briefly described below:

A relational database with an open schema containing all of your statistical and league information data. This can be accessed from your own OOTP add-ons and utilities implemented in any language.

A Java programming interface for interacting with the OOTPJ/DB which can be used to create your own Java-based OOTP utility applications.

A full-featured desktop application for managing and maintaining career OOTP statistical data. Can be locally installed, or accessed through Java Web Start.

A customizable web application ideal for managing OOTP online leagues.
Update - September 3, 2004
Development effort on OOTPJ is continuing with steady progress. The Java code to import and update a database with OOTP exported data is about 70% complete. The completion of this code will mark the first usable functionality from the project. Interested users will be able to use the project to populate a database with all of the exported OOTP data.

Additional Java developers are still welcome to join the project, please contact Timothy Fisher, trfishermi@yahoo.com.
You're familiar with CatoBase and BOSI? Then you'll love this new Java based add-on utility for Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP) 6.

We haven't officially named the project yet, but here's what's coming:
An OOTP statistical interface framework written entirely in Java, made available as Open Source, and available in the following configurations:

For Leagues
A polished, yet fully configurable, web-based league management application, the ideal stat management solution for online leagues. Many of the features here will be similar to what can be found in BOSI.

For Solo Players
A stand-alone application for viewing, reporting, and managing all your stats, perfect for the solo player. This gives you all the power of the web application, without having to run any server software on your PC.

For Developers
A powerful and fully open framework for creating your own league utilities and add-ons.

More Benefits
The web application can be run on your own server, or hosting for a small fee will be available also, similar to what BOSI offers. Supported by open source community.Complete access to source code available to all. You have the ability to contribute directly to the project to improve or change it in future releases.

If you have Java development experience, and you would like to join the team of open source developers working on this project, or just hear more about it, please contact me: Timothy Fisher, trfishermi@yahoo.com
Hosted by SourceForge
This project has officially been accepted as an open source project to be hosted in the SourceForge open source community. This is good news, as it will provide us with all the tools we need for successful collaborative development and distribution of the project.

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